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What to Expect on Moving Day

It's finally moving day! After all your planning, your day is finally here.

Get up early to start your day right and get a head start on your tasks. It's important to know what time your movers will arrive so you can prepare for them properly. If you have any last minute packing to do, now is the time. Something we recommend doing is packing another small bag for your travels, things you'll want/need while moving and driving to your next location.

After the movers arrive, they will assist you and tell you what they need from you to get on with the moving process. Once they start their inventory and packing and such, be patient with them while they do their best to safely collect and transport all of your items. When they are finished and ready to leave, you will most likely have to sign your last few documents. After making sure everything is correct, you're all set and they can be on their way!

It's always safe to do one last walk-through of your home. Check all of your rooms to make sure nothing was accidentally left behind. When you're through, you can lock up and head to your next destination.

Whether you're going straight to where your items are being transported or not, once you do arrive, be sure to make sure everything is accounted for and undamaged.

Congratulations on your move!

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