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Tips for Moving During the Winter

Moving during the winter months can be cause for extra complications. Here a few steps you can take to ensure a smooth and safe move.

  1. Tend to Utilities- Both at your location of moving and where you are moving to, turn off and on all utilities necessary.

  2. Packing Precautions- Cold weather can affect some of your items more than temperate weather. Avoid accidents and breakages by double packing, sealing tightly, and keeping things warm if need be.

  3. Safe Moving- This time of year can bring upon us inconvenient weather conditions. Though you cannot control this, consider clearing out any snow, slush, etc. that will be preventing the transportation of your household items.

  4. Floors- Though you have most likely cleared pathways and precipitation if necessary, it can still be a safe option to lay down different towels and coverings to protect your floors from anything tracked in from the cold.

  5. Winter Weather Supplies- Whether it be salt or shovels, if possible, bring with you on your move these kinds of tools that may aid you in undergoing a safe move.

  6. Reschedule- Unfortunately, sometimes a move just needs to be rescheduled. If conditions are too unsafe, consider inquiring with your moving company whether this is possible to ensure your whole team's safety.

By becoming slightly more cautious and careful, you can ensure your winter move is still a successful one! Stay safe, and stay warm! Happy moving!

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