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Mistakes People Make When Moving

1. Moving Company Mistakes

There are many possible mistakes one can make when choosing and hiring a moving company. One concern can be costs. You may pay too much for a mover, or you might even pay a questionably low price. To avoid this, be sure to research the company you hire carefully. Look at reviews, compare them to other companies- the more educated you are on your options, the better.

2. Procrastinating on Packing/Packing Early

Both of these circumstances can be equally unpleasant. Waiting too long will cause you stress and rush your entire process. However, doing the opposite, and packing too early, can also cause problems. For example, early packing will most likely lead to unpacking, when you realize you need something you have already boxed. Find a happy medium between these times to start your packing.

3. Not Labeling Boxes

Though a small step, labeling your boxes can be very helpful. Failing to do this can cause confusion both during packing and unpacking. Avoid not knowing which boxes are which by simply writing a general label of contents on the outside of the box. You will benefit greatly from this and be grateful you took the second to do so.

4. Forgetting to Measure Spaces

Sure, your furniture fits your current house perfectly, but will it all transfer correctly into your new space? Don't waste your time taking pieces apart and moving these heavy objects if they will not fit in your next home. Prevent this frustrating situation by measuring the future doorways and spaces where your furniture will go, if possible.

5. Incorrectly Packaging Special Items

A good amount of your items to be packed will need specific care. For instance, glassware, heavy objects, electrical products, instruments, etc. are all examples of things that will need specially packed in order to not break or damage other items. Be sure to look into how each of your items should be properly packed, as well as any packing materials you should purchase, such as paper, bubble wrap, peanuts, and so on.

6. Not Packing a Moving Bag

Packing a moving/traveling bag is an incredibly helpful thing to do that one may not always remember. However, putting together a bag for yourself filled with travel necessities for the duration of your move is worth remembering. What you personally want to bring will vary, but some basics can include clothing, needed documents, chargers, hygiene products, and items you would typically carry in a purse.

We are wishing you successful moving!

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