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  Moving Services  


Residential Moving 

We know that moving to Harrisburg or any other city in Central PA, is a heavy burden and a stressful process. So let our Harrisburg based moving company, who has spent 10 years mastering the moving process, help you.

Commercial Ground Transport


We cover your last minute shipping or freight shipping needs! With our specialized transport technicians, we are equipped to get your goods or inventory to where it needs to go.


Commercial Moving 

Spirit Moving Company covers all of your moving needs for your business, employees, or freights shipments. 

Long Distance Moves


Are you looking for a long distance moving company? Look no further, Spirit Moving Company has the expertise to move you to any state in the US. 


Emergency Moving

Do you need a last minute move? We know things happen and circumstances arise. We'll help get you to where you need to go and in a timely manner. 



Spirit Moving Company has the expertise to help with all of your loading and un-loading needs. Call us today for a free quote! 

Need To Move? Give Us a Call Now!
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