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Moving in Central PA: A Must-See List


Infamous for its part in the Civil War, the town of Gettysburg is full of things to do. The National Military Park is a beautiful location to see an actual battlefield as well as many war memorials. After visiting the battlefield, stop in town to visit lots of homely shops such as ice cream parlors, souvenir stores, and antique shops.

Lancaster Central Market

We cannot recommend the central market enough! A favorite stop among locals, the Lancaster Central Market is the perfect mix of dining and shopping. You are guaranteed to find all kinds of delicious cuisine and enjoy the various shops of homemade goods and more.

Liberty Bell

Visit Independence Hall to see the famous bell commemorating our freedom. The bell is located around a park in downtown Philadelphia, meaning lots of other fun places to stop during your visit to the monument.

Rails to Trails

Looking for something to do to get active? Look no further than the Rails to Trails paths all over Pennsylvania! The trails are perfect for walking, running, biking- and take you through many beautiful areas of the woods of PA.


Hershey is filled with so many fun things to do! Visit the gardens or the exquisite hotel, or go to Chocolate World and see just how they make their world-famous chocolate, with a great family oriented experience! And don’t forget Hershey Park, the sweetest amusement park on Earth!

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