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How to change your address when moving from PA

Changing your address when moving is a mandatory step that can, at first, seem difficult. However, modern businesses and services are built to be able to adapt to your life changes.

Start the process in advance-

After you fill out the required forms, processing may take a few weeks. Therefore, it is recommended you submit your applications ahead of time as to be sure your address is changed right before or a little after your actual move.

Updating your mailing address-

There are a few ways you can change your address through the postal service, but one easy way is to go through The United States Postal Service. USPS offers a form on their website that you can simply fill out, submit, and have your mailing address changed shortly after.

Other important things to change-

The postal system is not the only service you should notify of your address change. Tax agencies, social security administrations, utility services, employers, the DMV, and financial services should all be made aware of your move.

Throughout your moving process, keep an eye out for other companies that may be worth informing of your move.

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